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Koso Delight / 45days (45packets)

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Easy Taking! Fast Absorbing!
Koso Delight Paste

Spaces needed in“Umeken Koso Delight Paste”is the same powerful Koso Ball EX
product in a convenient paste form. You can enjoy the benefits of all
108 ingredients that are in the Koso Ball EX anytime, anywhere.

A new way to enjoy Umeken’s best seller Koso Ball EX!

Koso Delight Paste makes Koso Ball EX portable
and even more convenient to take!

Umeken Koso Delight Paste
Umeken Koso Delight Paste

Umeken has made it even easier to benefit from enzyme extracts.
Koso Delight Paste is just as effective and fast-absorbing as the Koso Ball EX supplements,
but with an enriched taste so that children can also enjoy it.
Even if you’re constantly on-the-go, you can take better care of your health
with just one convenient packet of Koso Delight Paste a day!

Koso Delight Paste
As some of the leading experts in Japan’s fermentation science, Umeken
produces enzyme supplements from vegetables, herbs, and fruits that
are grown in some of the most pristine Brazilian forests as recognized
by World Heritage Site. After a complex fermentation process using pure
soft water, the powerful mixture of 108 natural ingredients is extracted
into Umeken’s Koso Delight Paste, capturing the incredible health
benefits of enzymes in paste form.
Why do we need to replenish our enzymes?
Enzymes are used by our body for a variety of functions, including the
breakdown and digestion of food. However, the number of antioxidant,
digestive, and metabolic enzymes are found to decline drastically as we
age. In addition, many of us use up more enzymes than we consume due
to eating processed foods or foods containing no enzymes at all. When our
body lacks sufficient enzymes, metabolic activity decreases, making food
stay in the stomach longer than usual. Continuation of this cycle adversely
affects our health, but replenishing our enzyme source with an enzyme
supplement can help counteract these effects.
What makes Umeken Enzyme products special
Umeken Koso Ball EX contains 108 different natural ingredients that are grown in pristine condi
-tions, and goes through a three-step fermenting process using 1dH pure soft water. Umeken
Koso Ball EX became one of Umeken's best sellers as more and more people experienced its
efficacy. It is yet another product that has helped further establish Umeken’s reputation of high
Benefit of paste type
Paste requires less work to break down in your stomach throughout the
digestion process. Also, it is faster absorbing in your body.

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45days (45packs) / One pack a day (Paste)
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Koso Delight / 45days (45packets)

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